Hello Amazing Woman,

I know how good it feels to create the life of your dreams and how learning from our experiences can transform us from feeling victimized to being an empowered woman.

I want you to have joy and live the life of your dreams.

It’s wonderful to know that you are in charge and can create the next exciting chapter of your life story. 


This is what I want for you

- To feel happiness and fulfillment. 

- To heal and rediscover yourself and your endless potential.  

- To learn to love yourself and be loved.

- To release the past, focus on the present, and be excited about your future.

About Me

I am super positive and focus on possibilities. I am an immigrant from Cuba, raised in Los Angeles. I have overcome challenges from my childhood and adulthood and continue to grow personally and spiritually on a daily basis. I have advanced degrees and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with many years of experience working with children and adults who have experienced trauma. I authored a children's book, A Bad Thing Happened At My School, to help children heal from a traumatic school event (Visit  I retired and enjoy practicing mindfulness and coach women experiencing a major change in their life. I had a long marriage that ended at age 50 and with coaching, counseling, caring women, and knowledge,  I co-created the next chapter of my life and a new and improved me. I remarried at age 62 to a wonderful man and am blessed to be in a supportive and fulfilling relationship, have loving adult children, bonus children, and two joyful granddaughters. 

I want to empower women to love themselves and believe in love again.