Xochitl B. Rivera

Preet Kaur Reiki Master

Beatriz is more than a beautiful face with a warm smile, she embraces a feeling of catching up with your best friend and a feeling of being at home. Her insight and experience gave me a safe haven to explore the root of my obstacles with her work and advice I have set myself free. Beatriz is simply ..... Amazing! 


Giselle Quintero

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Beatriz is one of those rare individuals who truly wants to see you succeed in your life. She is compassionate and compelling, all at the same time.  She will support your dreams, challenge you to reach new heights all while enveloping you in her optimistic, positive, caring worldview.  She is an exceptional motivator who will propel you to reach your wildest dreams and have fun while accomplishing them.  Her energy & optimism are contagious, she believes in you and soon will have you believing too.  Whatever your challenges may be, she will be your biggest fan and champion, she will guide, teach, motivate & inspire you!


Jennifer Naranjo

Life Coach

I have worked with Beatriz both in a personal and professional capacity.  As a coach, she is loving and compassionate and has a true gift in her ability to get to the heart of the matter.  She is gentle in her approach, and is especially gifted in dealing with topics related to transition and change.  Professionally, we have collaborated on workshops.  I love her balanced approach of spirituality and practicality. She is a beautiful soul, who I trust and am blessed to work with.  

Marlene Ochetti


I have had the wonderful pleasure of knowing Beatriz Garcia for many years, both as a professional colleague and as a personal friend.  Beatriz is compassionate, nonjudgmental, and understanding.  If you have a dream, goal, desire, or hope for your life, look no further.  Beatriz will be with you along your personal journey to fulfillment as your own support, mentor, and coach.



I started seeing Beatriz after I had taken some time off of work due to stress.  At the time I felt lost, depressed and uncertain about my future.  Beatriz was very understanding and brought so much clarity to my situation and helped me regain my confidence and realize I had to take care of myself first.  Beatriz is such a positive person and has a beautiful and calming spirit.  I joined her women's group which met twice a month.   I met other women who were all looking to improve their current situations.  I had never seen an empowerment coach before so I didn't know what to expect.  I was immediately impressed how from a few minutes of explaining my concern she was able to repeat it back to me with a positive outlook and give me the tools I needed to get through that situation.  After a few weeks, I no longer felt depressed about my situation.  In fact, I felt confident about my future.  All my limiting beliefs are gone and now I am back to work.  I couldn't imagine going through this transition without Beatriz's help.  I am truly grateful for her.

 “Anyone who needs a little motivation, Beatriz is the one for you.”