YOU are worthy and deserving of a wonderful life!



Personal Life Coaching supports you in achieving a specific or professional goal by providing support, expertise, and accountability.  It is present and future oriented and is not therapy. 


What you can expect from me:

Expertise, experience, support, guidance, empathy, motivation and inspiration, personal growth,  and empowerment.

Designed and personally tailored for the busy woman.

Sessions can take place in person, via phone or webcam and can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour per week, biweekly, or group sessions, depending on your desire.



My Specialty :

 Supporting women with creating the life of their dreams

 Igniting your Light

 Healing and Transformation

 Self-Care

How can we work together?

Coaching sessions are by phone or via webcam. Group sessions can be in person or via webcam.


Awakening Your Spirit

Individual Life Coaching to support you with bringing forward the amazing qualities already in you so you are empowered to live your dream life.

$200 per month - 1 hour session, 2 times per month


Spirit Empowered

Individual Life Coaching to support you with actualizing your personal and spiritual power so you can create and receive all the wonderful things that await you.

$400 per month

1 hour weekly session, four sessions per month


Soul Energizing

Group Life Coaching where you contribute, receive love, support and guidance to accelerate reaching your dreams.

$250 for 10, 1.5 hour weekly group sessions

10 weeks $250


Speaking Engagements

Partial or full day presentations, workshops, and retreats to inspire and ignite others to own, create, and live the life of their dreams.

Fee depends on location and travel required